DGRM AGRBM symposium

Enthusiasm among German physicians about ReceptIVFity studies

This weekend, Dr. Dries Budding presented the ReceptIVFity test to German IVF colleagues at the annual symposium of DGRM and AGRBM, two German organizations for reproduction sciences. Several international speakers lectured about the latest developments and new possibilities within the field of human reproduction and fertility. The influence of the microbiome – in relation to the female reproduction organs – was one of the themes of the day.

Much interest in ReceptIVFity test

Imagine, you are trying to have a baby, haven’t been succesful for quite some time, and decide to start IVF treatment. You are entering a stressful period of examinations, taking hormones and insecurity about a positive outcome. Having a better insight into your chances, isn’t that something everyone would like to have? Would you also be prepared to take an extra test? And we had more questions of that kind. We decided to simply ask. 
de naam ReceptIVFity

What does the ReceptIVFity name mean?

When one sees the name ReceptIVFity for the first time, many readers think: huh? What does it say? How do I spell that? And often enough: how is that pronounced correctly? We’re happy to enlighten you. 
uitslag IVF test - engels

ReceptIVFity 2.0 launched

What are your chances to get pregnant after IVF? The ReceptIVFity test gives you even better insight in your chances from now on. Until now the test’s outcome was a favourable or unfavourable result. The bacterial profiles are now further refined. The test results are now presented as follows: a high, medium or low score.

ReceptIVFity presented on ESHRE

On july 4th 2018 the ReceptIVFity test was presented at the ESHRE congress. A broad scientific study was conducted before the new IVF test was finally released. The set up and results of the study were presented on July 4th.