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You can consult your doctor about taking the test. The test itself is easy, has no side effects and the result is available quickly. It gives you insight into the chance that an embryo transfer will result in a pregnancy. The result of the test is valid for the following two months. Many women appreciate the extra insight into their chances. That way, they can mentally prepare for the treatment and period of uncertainty to come. Others let the test result influence their choice whether to move on with the transfer at that time or not. They choose to postpone the transfer when they have a low score, or even decide not to proceed at all. Alle decisions are fully up to you (and your partner).

At this moment the costs for the test will not be reimbursed and are €363 incl. VAT. There are continual developments around reimbursement by health insurance companies. Please ask your own insurance company if the test might be reimbursed to you.

At this moment the test is available at the following fertility clinics:

— Erasmus MC Rotterdam

— Vivaneo Medisch Centrum Kinderwens Leiderdorp

— Vivaneo Kinderwünsch Düsseldorf

Your doctor can inform you about the test. If this is not the case, you can ask about it. He or she can tell you more about it and give you the test (if available in the clinic you are at). The results of the test will be sent to your doctor by the lab. Your doctor will discuss it with you. If your fertility treatment takes place in another clinic, you can still ask your doctor about the possibilities to have the test anyway.

Your doctor will hand you a small kit, with the test. It contains a long swab and a small tube with liquid. You will take the vaginal swab yourself in a toilet or treatment room. This means you will collect some vaginal mucus with the swab. There are clear instructions inside the kit. You will place the swab in the tube with liquid, close it tightly and hand it back to your doctor. He or she will make sure it will be transported to the lab for analysis.

No, the test can only be obtained through your doctor at a fertility clinic. This clinic will also make sure the test - once taken - will be transported to the lab properly, and will receive the test results.

No, some vaginal mucus is collected and analysed. There are no further procedures.

The taking of vaginal mucus is done very easily with the swab. The long cotton swab is very suitable for self-taking. The advanced procedure and analysis is done in the lab.

The result will be sent to your doctor after one week.

The result of the test os valid for two months following the taking. In the course of time, the composition of bacteria (the microbiome) can change though. Therefore it can be useful to retake the test later, to see if that moment is more suitable for an embryo transfer. Please consult your doctor about this.

Yes the test is anonymous. The taken sample is registered with a unique number only. Your doctor can match the number to your personal data. Employees at the laboratory of at ARTPred only see this number, and never any personal details.