You can obtain the ReceptIVFity test in two ways:
• Via your fertility doctor
• Order it yourself (home test) via the webshop

Via you fertility doctor: The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA), in collaboration with all major Dutch health insurers, has approved the Innovation experiment in the following hospitals. Patients are offered a ReceptIVFity test free of charge in the following hospitals during IVF, ICSI or CRYO treatments:


Currently, the costs of the test will not be reimbursed by your insurer. There are of course continuous developments regarding reimbursement by health insurers. So always check with your doctor or your insurer whether the test may be reimbursed for you.

In our webshop the price of the test is €400 (incl VAT). When you obtain the test through your clinic, costs may vary; depending on any costs of the additional consultation. Inquire at your clinic about the exact price.