What does the ReceptIVFity name mean?

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de naam ReceptIVFity

When one sees the name ReceptIVFity for the first time, many readers think: huh? What does it say? How do I spell that? And often enough: how is that pronounced correctly? We’re happy to enlighten you. 

Probably (as an english speaking reader) you guessed right: the name stems from the English word receptivity. This means ‘willingness or readiness to receive’. In a figure of speech, but also literally. What does that have to do with the ReceptIVFity test? Well, here we go:

The Receptivfity test is all about the vaginal microbiome. The test tells you to which degree the uterus is ‘receptive’ at that moment in time. In other words: to what extent are the conditions optimal to receive an embryo after an IVF conception. When conditions are good (microbiome gives a high score) the womb is very receptive. The chances on a succesful implantation of the embryo are high. In case of a low score the receptivity is low (and unfortunately, chances on a pregnancy too)

de naam receptivfity

A long scientific study in the Netherlands preceded the development of the test. At a certain point in time, we could not longer just speak of ‘the test’: we had to name our ‘baby’. During the study we talked a lot about implantation and receptivity (in Dutch). Scientific reports are often written in English. So we used the English word ‘receptivity’ quite regularly. Since the word IVF was almost incorporated, we started creatively combining the two: ReceptIVFity. Kind of appropriate, don’t you think?


Ah, yes, pronunciation…
Useful info, when you ask your doctor about the test. ReceptIVFity is pronounced just as the English word receptivity. So like this:

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